This dreamy eyed pup is Kimi. I had the pleasure of painting Kimi and her sister Noelle as a gift for a guy who was about to be deployed. The small size paintings on panels (6x6) were perfect for packing in a suitcase and having a sweet reminder of his pups back home. original reference [...]



Squeak is the son of Buster who I painted a few weeks back. In order to get the best look for Squeak, I combined two provided images so that I could get the whole body of Squeak but use the more pleasing forward facing look. As you can see in the painting, I removed the chair [...]

Steve and Jake


The winner of the Pet Portrait Drawing from the Brown Ins Gallery Show (July-Oct) was Dee who sent me an adorable photo of her kitten Steve and dog Jake sleeping. She won an 8x10 drawing which I chose to do in colored pencil. Dee loved her picture! Here is what she had to say: "Lisa, I absolutely [...]

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