Tango's humans wanted her portrait to be in a setting fit for a hunting dog so we worked hard to find just the right feel. 16x20 oil on panel. From Tango's humans "The painting was received in perfect condition. It is perfect. We both love it so so much!! I can’t thank you enough." When [...]

Come Play with Me – Golden Retriever


I was honored to have "Come Play with Me - Golden Retriever" accepted into the 2019 Juried BRAA biennial at the Moss Art Center in Blacksburg, VA. I loved how the show organizers placed him facing a window in the exhibit. She told me she placed him there because she thought a pup painting should [...]



Meet Basil! Her portrait was commissioned for a birthday. For the portrait I was asked to composite a few things together so I've added the reference images below. 10x10 oil on panel. They wanted the scarf and flowers from the first image but the second image pose.  



This dreamy eyed pup is Kimi. I had the pleasure of painting Kimi and her sister Noelle as a gift for a guy who was about to be deployed. The small size paintings on panels (6x6) were perfect for packing in a suitcase and having a sweet reminder of his pups back home. original reference [...]



Squeak is the son of Buster who I painted a few weeks back. In order to get the best look for Squeak, I combined two provided images so that I could get the whole body of Squeak but use the more pleasing forward facing look. As you can see in the painting, I removed the chair [...]

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