Commissioning a pet portrait is simple and a wonderful way to preserve precious memories of your pet for years to come or to celebrate the memory of a beloved pet we have lost.

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Step 1: 

Email me with the info below:

  • Choose a painting or drawing
  • If painting, then choose a size (see available sizes below)
  • Pet photo(s). The higher the resolution the better detail I can see!
  • Preferred background color (for paintings)
  • And any other special requests

Step 2:

Payment can be made by check or to my Paypal account. I require half down payment in order to get started. You may pay half either through the PayPal button below or by sending a check (please contact me for mailing address).

Please note:

Refunds are not available on custom portraits, however, I will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your portrait!

White lab -oil painting Lisa Acciai

2019 Pricing for Oil Painting

Canvas Size in inchesPrice

Shipping is not included in the price. Note for Virginia residents  5.3% sales tax will be added to the above prices.

I use a high quality, heavy cotton, 1.5″ deep canvas that does not need to be framed. I paint the sides and add a hanger to the back so your painting is ready to hang when you receive it. Please contact me if you would prefer to have your painting framed.


2019 Pricing for Charcoal or Graphite Drawing

Size in inchesPrice

Shipping is not included in the price. Note for Virginia residents  5.3% sales tax will be added to the above prices.

Framing is not included in price. Please contact me if you would like to have your drawing framed.

Tips for photographing your pet:

  • The best possible lighting is natural outdoor lighting or near a large window.
  • Please turn off the flash! This can create a red eye and unnatural coloring as well as scare your pet. An overcast day is perfect for picture taking to avoid harsh lighting or if that’s not possible try and position the sun behind your pet.
  • Get down on their level and avoid looking down at your pet. Take plenty of facial shots with their face filing the frame. 3/4 angle shots can also make an interesting portrait.
  • Basically if you have a digital camera or phone camera take Lots of pics!
  • Backgrounds, hands that are holding your pet, collars etc can be cropped or edited out. We can work together on your preferences for background colors.
  • Please email the full size image file of your pet. The higher the resolution the better your painting will turn out!
  • If photos are not digital they will be returned along with the finished portrait.