Pet portrait paintings and drawings by artist Lisa Acciai

Hey there! I’m Lisa,

a custom pet portrait and animal artist, armed with brushes and charcoal. With a dash of creativity and a lot of love for animals, I transform your furry friends into stunning works on canvas. Let’s capture their playful spirit and heart-melting gaze, creating a keepsake that’ll make your heart skip a beat every time you see it. Ready to commission your pet portrait? Let’s create a cherished artwork together.

What My Collectors Say

The painting is stunning. We love it so much. It will bring us so much joy.
What an incredible talent you have!


“Jeff and I absolutely love your portrait of Hank! It is almost magical how you captured his spirit and happiness. Your very special talent has brought us great joy. Thank you again!”


“Your painting was perfect. It made my mom cry! She always wanted a dog when she was a child but she grew up in post World War II Germany and they never had enough money for anything. So Duke was the dog she always wanted during childhood. It totally made her day.”


“I’m in love with this portrait it’s just everything and more that I was imagining!”


“Lisa, I love the portrait and I couldn’t wait to give it to Bob and he was so surprised! A big thank you to you for your beautiful work. You are very talented to capture Lucky’s personality without even meeting him!”


“When I learned Lisa was doing pet portraits I was very excited to have them done of my two cats and two dogs. The process was amazing from start to finish. I sent Lisa a few pictures. She helped me see which ones worked best for composition and color. She coordinated the background colors so the four look great hanging together. Once she began painting she sent me messages of the works in progress. Lisa has a wonderful attention for detail. When she wasn’t sure of a certain shade of color for one pet’s eyes she asked me to send more pictures so she could get it perfect– and she did! When she brought the paintings to me I felt like she captured the image and essence of each pet and I will always cherish these portraits!”


“The hardest part of the process was getting my Mom’s dog, Dewey, to sit still long enough for me to get a decent picture for Lisa! She combined the best elements of all of those pictures and created the most masterful portrait of my Mom’s well-loved, totally spoiled, high energy mutt, so much so that my Mom burst into tears the moment she opened it and said, “This is the best present anyone has every given me.” She immediately removed an expensive painting from the wall that had hung in her foyer for 45 years and replaced it with Dewey’s portrait and draws every visitor’s attention to it as they come in. My siblings basically threw in the towel on getting a decent Christmas gift for my Mom once they saw Lisa’s painting. They knew nothing they got, no matter what the cost, would match her reaction to that portrait!”


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