I’m in a group of wonderful artists on Facebook where we get monthly challenges to help us grow as artist. Our first challenge was to paint 4 paintings in 4 weeks. My efforts are below! Let me know what you think?

All paintings are for sale so please inquire by email if interested [email protected]

Glowing cat-oil-9x12-lAcciai

Painting 1 – “Glowing Tabby”

I’m always drawn to reference images that cast an animal in glowing light that you often find when the sun is about to set. Something about that warm light really appeals to me and I wanted to capture that warmth in the orange tabby for my first painting.

9×12 oil on panel

Painting 2 – “Pleading Puppy Eyes”

I found another warmly lit reference image for painting 2 but also went for those irresitable puppy eyes. How could you say “no” to this pup!

12×12 oil on panel

Pouting Pooch-12x12-oil-lAcciai

Painting 3 – “Puppy Love”

Black Labs and Purple – two of my favorite things in one painting! I’m really happy with the way this one turned out. Did you catch the little heart in the shadow on the right?

12×12 oil on canvas

Painting 4 – “Pelican”

This one was fun! I recently sold 2 bird paintings at Mill Mnt Coffee and I needed to replace them. I found a colorful pelican reference that I wasn’t sure would work due to the square 8×8 format but I think cropping it in tight worked really well. I also tried a new technique of adding texture to the canvas before painting which gave the painting some interesting dimension.

8×8 oil on canvas