Progression of a Brittany Spaniel Painting!Dakota

I had a fun time photographing a spunky Brittany Spaniel the other day who did not take well to getting her photo taken! I must have shot 50 photos with my camera and Iphone just hoping to get one shot of her looking at me. I was thrilled to get one! Most of the photos came out like the one on the right with her looking anywhere but at me.

Below are some progression photos of how I go from photo to finished portrait.

She looked at me! Reference Photo

Rough drawing with paint and roughing in shapes and dark’s. I use a paint pallete of only 5 colors and mix everything I need from those 5 colors (Burnt Umber, Red Oxide, Yellow Oxide, Titanium White, and Indanthrene Blue)

Adding more color. Starting to add some detail and trying to figure out what I want to do with background.