I’m a bit late on a Mother’s Day Post! Frankly, I am finding it hard to keep up with all the social media pages as well as remembering to post here on my website – which requires me to write, one of my least favorite things. But Mother’s Day came and went as it always does – it’s kind of a bust in my house. I basically have lowered my expectations down to…just give me a hug and be nice and we’ll call it a good day (I have two teen boys – need it say more!). As a kid I used to make all kinds of gifts for my Mom for Mother’s Day – and at one fleeting point when the boys were young I had visions of them coming up with creative gifts for their Mom – ha, my boys were never the crafty type. Anyway, I decided to continue my tradition and painted two little bird studies for my Mom and Aunt for Mother’s Day (see below). I loved doing these little birds so much that I did two more and they will be exhibited at Brown Insurance through October. After that I will put the two that weren’t gifts up for sale on my website.

I did the little turtle sketch for fun on Mother’s Day and added the quote which i just loved and i think sums up perfectly what it is to be a mother. This sketch was sold.

Robin Bird study -Lisa Acciai




mothers day turtles - Lisa Acciai