Let me start this out by saying “I love my boys” but when it comes to Mother’s Day, I’ve learned over the years to not expect much. When they were little I called it a good Mother’s Day if they were just “nice” for the majority of the day. Now that they are older I’m lucky if my husband remembers to remind them that it’s Mother’s Day, but, they are great kids and that’s enough for me.

I certainly wasn’t expecting much for Pandemic 2020 Mother’s Day, but amazingly I’m calling it one of the good ones. My Mom and Dad were able to come by and we social distanced on our back deck. My oldest stopped by with flowers and a funny card and my youngest bought me a gooseneck phone holder so that I could shoot movies of my art process with my phone.

I gave the gooseneck a try yesterday while doing my daily sketch. Unfortunately my dog, Ellie, interupted my initial attempt so I ended up with two videos for which I haven’t mastered how to combine them yet! I thought it was cool to watch back a drawing that took me probably an hour condensed down to 60 seconds! Below are the two process videos along with the final sketch. I hope you enjoy!

Female cardinal-sketch-Lisa Acciai